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Welcome to the web page with all the information about the first regional Wiki Women Camp for participant from the part of the Balkans, including region of Serbia, Kosovo and Albania, that will be held in Prishtina.

Why Wiki Women Camp?

In the wiki world, it is well known that the number of women who contribute to Wikipedia is much smaller than the number of men. For example, the data from the English Wikipedia, which is also the biggest one, are showing that just ~12% of editors are women. For Wikipedia on other languages we usually don't have any specific data, but the estimations are that that percent is even smaller. The gender gap is present in two ways: in the sense of content on Wikipedia, and also in the sense of people who are editing it. This situation is very expressed and mutual to Wikipedias in every language from the Balkans and the region.

Considering what is said above, Wiki Women Camp is supposed to educate and encourage women to edit Wikipedia so they could later contribute in their own language. We aim to work on overcoming the gender gap on Wikipedia in Serbian and Albanian languages and to make stronger connections within the region. During the Camp we will be foccusing on the talks about the current situation, we will share the experiences from our own local communities and together suggest the ways of reducing the gender gap.


The Camp will be held on the 24, 25 and 26th of April in Prishtina.

  • Friday:

It is expected for all participants to come to Prishtina at Friday afternoon. In the evening we will have a dinner and a light workshop of introductions.

  • Saturday:

Saturday morning is reserved for a workshop on editing Wikipedia for newbies, and for the most of the day, we will be editing articles :) During the day, we will have discussions about the gender gap in the Wiki world: what could be the causes, what are the effects, and what could be possible solutions...

  • Sunday:

On Sunday after breakfast, we will go for a daily tour around Prishtina, taking some photos. After the lunch, we will be talking more about licences and will be uploading photos from the tour on Wikimedia Commons. By the end of the day, we will be fixing and finishing our articles.

How to apply?

Please note that we have a limited number of places for this Camp (7 participants from Serbia, 7 from Kosovo, and 7 from Albania). We would like to have half of the participants that are already familiar with editing Wikipedia and half of them who would like to learn about it and support the local Wiki communities. So, having experience in editing Wikipedia or not, you are mostly welcomed to apply!

Applications are now closed. We will get back to all the applicants soon!

Accommodation, travel expences and tourist information

  • Travel expences from Belgrade and Tirana to Prishtina will be covered for all participants. Unfortunately, we will not be able to cover expences for those who are coming from their places to Belgrade and Tirana, from where we are heading to Prishtina.
  • Participants who are not living in Prishtina will be accommodated at the Han Hostel, which is about half an hour walk from the place where the Camp will be held.
  • Food will be covered for all participants for all three days. If you have any diatery restrictions, please note that in the application form.


  • Wikimedia Serbia
    • Coordinator: Sanja Pavlovic
    • Email:
  • WikiAcademy Albania
    • Coordinator: Greta Doçi
    • Email:
  • FLOSSK (Free Libre Open Software Kosova)
    • Coordinator: Blerta Thaçi
    • Email: